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Welcome to MissE's Stories

All the stories on this site are original fiction written by me, for various communities, or just because. They will be in various genres, and various lengths, according to challenge rules or how the story takes me. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to give feedback.


Writer’s Block

Word Count: 279
Rating: G/PG
Notes: Written for Writer Verse, Challenge 04, Prompt: Writing
Summary: The breaking of a drought.

A white blank page, and a swelling rage


The Letter

Word Count: 135
Rating: G/PG
Notes: Written for Writer Verse, Challenge 04: Writing
Summary: He wants to dance.

He watched as her quill moved across the page…

It Only Takes A Girl

I don’t do this kind of thing often. In fact, I checked the livejournal account I use for fanfiction, and of 193 posts, I’ve done this exactly once, and it was for this very thing. So here’s what I wrote for that…

I am a daughter, and I am a mother of daughters. I was educated, and expect to see my daughters (and son) educated. I live in the West, and I have that freedom, but I am in the minority.

It Only Takes A Girl

In an unrelated note, I will be posting more original stories here, but as I tend to write them for a community, I’ll be waiting until the due date has passed before posting them here.


He stepped out from his cover, and looked around. The area was desolate, and long shadows seemed to draw closer with every moment. He had to get his parcel back to base, and urgently. Time was not in his favour just now.

Suddenly, he heard a noise, and jerked his head around.

Wrong Turn

She grumbled as she stalked around the room. There were some days when she wished she could just go back to that day, and just walked the other way. Turned some corner, and just didn’t see that man with the otherworldly beauty. And that was the point, wasn’t it? Otherworldly beauty, because he was Other, they were the Others, outside yet inside the Normal world. He was Fae, tall and beautiful in a way the human men could never be. They all were, all had that ethereal beauty, no matter what they were like as beings. Even the dark ones had that beauty that made her feel dowdy and plain, for all that they were terrifying in their darkness.

And there was the sticking point

A World of Difference

He lay, curled against her belly, buffeted by the wind. The vibrations of the bike between her legs lulled him into somnolence, and he dozed, letting the miles fly under them. Officially, he abhorred this hurried method of travel, the privations of life with her, but, quietly, he wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Other dragons lived better lives, more comfortable lives, but he had her.

Family Correspondance


There’s a pot pie in the oven, and please remember to clean your bathroom. Honestly, how are you able to bring a nice girl back here with the bathroom in that state?

Your mother

Dad, she’s at it again.